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10 rules of being a Shadowhunter

Rule one of being a Shadowhunter:tell everyone who asks “ARE JACE AND CLARY RELATED?!??!?!?!” Yes. You tell them YES.
Rule two of being a Shadowhunter:If someone asks for no spoilers, you spam them with fake spoilers.
Rule three of being a Shadowhunter:ALWAYS accept that Jamie is Jace
Rule four of being a Shadowhunter:Love and respect your parabatai as if you were really Jem and Will.
Rule five of being a Shadowhunter:You MUST shout incest at the cinema screen when Clace kiss to confuse some bitches.
Rule six of being a Shadowhunter:When someone dies, you say Ave Atque Vale.
Rule seven of being a Shadowhunter:Always support Simons band. No matter how shit it is.
Rule eight of being a Shadowhunter:Always look better in black than the widows of your enemies.
Rule nine of being a Shadowhunter:Always ask Jace if you can touch his mangoes.
Rule ten of being a Shadowhunter:Nothing less than 7 inches.
Unofficial rule eleven of being a Shadowhunter:yank on Valentine’s ponybraid if you see him. It makes him squeal.
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